AGS Office Equipment

AGS has years of experience in providing value producing solutions for the transport and delivery of office equipment that are unique to this type of product. In addition to time definite delivery, continued tracking and damaged free delivery, office equipment often requires specialized equipment, two man, inside placement, unpacking and dunnage removal. Although most orders are new product fulfillment, many are redeployment moves that require time definite pickup and packing, others are end of lease or end of life equipment requiring inspection, sorting and routing back to a redeployment center and some customers use our service for delivery and return of demo machines on loan to their clients.

Our in-house Solutions Planning group has developed and implemented Standard Operating Procedures that are customized for specific accounts. For example, tall and top heavy products require double strapping of the machine to the vehicle for each transport method, many of our SOPs require application of tip and tell gauges and shock watches and, in some instances, we have developed customized protective panels to provide a second level of protection. Our on time delivery and award winning quality stems from ongoing training and our focus on continuous process management and improvement.

We understand the need for extraordinary customer service in coordinating the final delivery between the end customer, the installation crew and the shipper. With years of recruitment experience, we hire enthusiastic and customer centric customer service representatives with a passion for excellence in their work. We empower them to make decisions and give them the tools that they need to succeed.

With over 400 warehouses and fulfillment centers nationwide, AGS can provide temporary and localized storage of products as an extension of a customers own warehouse. We can arrange for day and time specific rollout to meet installation crews and, when necessary, provide the installers with access to our facility to further configure or prep the machine prior to delivery.

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