AGS Healthcare Equipment

AGS is a specialist in delivering healthcare equipment to hospitals worldwide.


We have extensive experience in handling and transporting medical and healthcare equipment, both domestically and overseas, to hospitals, clinics and other medical related locations.


We have knowledge of thousands of medical facilities and our logistics specialists know the best way to get equipment delivered safely,
on-time and in perfect condition.


AGS offers four on-site services including threshold or inside placement of products, unpacking and removal of debris, and assembly within a specific room or floor within a facility or in an AGS warehouse prior to delivery.   We offer a complete menu of White Glove DELIVERY TIME OPTIONS allowing customers to pick and choose which on-site services they desire with flexible delivery times including evenings, holidays and weekends.


The service is appealing to both industrial Business to Business (B2B) customers and residential Business to Consumer (B2C) customers.


The AGS transportation and delivery network has more than 20 years experience providing White Glove delivery to businesses and residences in every community within the 50 states.






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