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    Q & A:  White Glove Delivery

    Oftentimes, our partners will have a number of questions about our white glove delivery services that we’ll tackle below. In general, our clients utilize our white glove services for time-definite and sensitive product delivery of items that include, but are not limited to, computers, large format TVs, medical, telecommunications, and broadcast equipment, kiosks, retail store displays and fixtures, fitness equipment, furniture and office equipment.

    When investing in a white glove delivery partner, you will expect superior, dependable delivery, and a level of trust to delight your end consumer.

    Below are answers to some of our most frequently asked questions about this service.


    Q:     What is the difference with white glove delivery between e-commerce,
    retailers, and manufacturers?

    A:     The major difference is where the white glove services are performed. E-commerce is primarily for residential deliveries.  For retailers, it’s time-specific deliveries to meet with installation crews. Manufacturing deals with an industry product line, often going to highly secured facilities.


    Q:     What are some challenges e-commerce, retailers, and manufacturers face with White Glove delivery in today’s recovering economy?

    A:     Current challenges for all include the lack of a skilled workforce to meet delivery commitments, perform our services, and provide the customer experience the consumer expects. Other challenges include demand (backlogged freight), inflation of services through the supply chain, heightened peak seasons, lack of visibility of future demand as supply chain disruption becomes more frequent, and the fear of virus variants.


    Q:     What are the various types of White Glove solutions to offer e-commerce, retailers, and manufacturers?

    A:     Some solutions include home delivery services (multi-levels), short-term storage, inventory replenishment for businesses that need delivery in combination with restocking or set-up of new fixtures, merge in-transit, retail fulfillment for companies that lack a dock, or traditional means of accepting shipments. Also, after-hour, weekend, and holiday-specific time solutions.


    Q:     What are some of the White Glove opportunities and trends for White Glove delivery in 2021?

    A:     In our opinion, there has been a fundamental change in the way people purchase goods for the home. With that said, we see retailers changing from a stored inventory center to showrooms/consultation, thus creating an opportunity for white glove providers to increase SKUs and SKUs offered by retailers and e-commerce companies. In addition, the large increase in product lines will lead to a massive overall increase in white glove delivery services. In short, we foresee this pattern to increase for years to come and be the new norm.


    Q:     What are the benefits of using a White Glove service provider?

    A:     The primary benefit is a more extensive selection of services for e-commerce, retailers, and manufacturing to offer their customers. Although we foresee white glove delivery becoming more of a standard in the future, many companies are still not offering that as a solution. In short, the most significant benefit is freedom of choice. Additional benefits include improved customer service, the reduction of damages, and an environmental impact.


    Q:        What should a company look for when selecting a White Glove delivery provider?       

    A:     It’s important to factor in how their network is structured? Meaning asset-based, resourced, or a combination of both? Ideally, it would be a combination. Because asset-based carries can have too small of a footprint, and resourced-based carries can be too unreliable. A company that offers a combination of both can fill in all the gaps. Other factors to consider are do they offer room of choice, light assembly, debris removal, appointment scheduling, and the technology needed for seamless service.


    Q:     What technologies should a White Glove service provide for an efficient and effective delivery?

    A:     A must for carriers is an app for a cellphone that connects all parties (drivers, dispatch, customer service, and customer). To be effective, we must know the location (GPS) and have evidence of services performed(camera).


    Still have questions?  We’d welcome the opportunity to discuss our White Glove Services with you. Please click here to get in touch with us.

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