Procurement Logistics


Our Procurement Logistics Service is designed for purchasing managers and people responsible for incoming shipments that need delivery on time, damage-free and at the lowest possible cost.
AGS will give you total control on all your incoming shipments from suppliers in any zip code in America - and 196 countries worldwide. And because the program is web-based, you can track the status on any shipment from any supplier around the clock, 365 days a year!


How it works:
We keep control of your suppliers
- you won't have to.


For all of the vendors/suppliers you wish to be in the program, we capture any special requirements that you have which are automatically entered into our system, i.e., you may want to have a call or e-mail the minute a vendor ships, or verification on a level of service to receive the best price, etc. These records serve as the blueprint for AGS to monitor your requirements. Revisions can be made easily by a call or e-mail.


You can also send us an electronic purchase order copy that you send your vendors, and we can automatically monitor and track when the orders are shipped. You will know the moment the pickup order is received by our local office from your vendor.


You will know the exact cost.


AGS gives you a specific freight tariff that covers every level of time definite door-to-door service. Whether you need the lowest possible rate on a surface shipment or same day air delivery for an emergency, you will know the exact cost - always.


We'll assign you a personal expediter.


AGS will assign you a personal expediter at our national call center that will work for you and monitor all of your incoming shipments to make sure they conform to the standards you have set for each supplier. Their responsibility is to see that your interests are served day and night, 7 days a week. Your personal expediter. - an additional expert who works for you - at no additional cost.


The best technology - designed for you.


We keep you informed by giving you your own website - You can track shipments in real time, obtain numerous reports, receive immediate notification of a supplier shipping, plus we can customize whatever reports or functions you need. Whatever you need in the way of technology, you'll only have to ask!


And if you're not at a computer to access our website, we will furnish you with our hotline cell phone which is always connected to our national call center. Press a button and you are immediately connected to all the information you will need.


Use our inventory software.


Our unique inventory software package is available for your use at no charge. You can keep inventory on our system, or any specific products, and access nationwide, and at the same time, monitor the shipments to your customers on our website.


And when you have an emergency.


When you need a breakdown part or any urgent material where every minute counts, you can utilize our incoming procurement service. You simply call or e-mail us, give us your suppliers name and your deadline and we then use every facility at our disposal to bring the shipment to you in the least amount of minutes.


Available 24 x 7. AGS’ Procurement Logistics Service is the fastest delivery service in the world



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