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    Parts Logistics

    Solution Overview

    Global Storage and Stocking

    AGS Parts Logistics is a network of nationwide storage and stocking warehouses, which can help you provide fast, dependable, and cost-effective delivery of products, parts, and replacement components to customers, distributors, and field technicians located anywhere in the U.S. or overseas. 

    We can provide companies with a critical competitive advantage by stocking products and parts in our already established warehouse network, where you pay only for space and services used, including a full menu of 24×7 time-definite delivery services. With nationwide strategic stocking locations, AGS Parts Logistics can custom design the exact storage solution you need almost anywhere in the world.


    Delivery from storage warehouses located close to customers and time sensitive transportation options for efficient product distribution.


    This service enables our customers to focus on the core competencies of sales and service while improving operating time and costs.


    Our state-of-the-art technology provides automated inventory and tracking capabilities.

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    Advanced Parts Logistics

    The warehouse handles inbound shipments, ships parts directly to customers, and replenishes the critical parts warehouses. When needed, field engineers can order the necessary parts from the nearest warehouse. Once the part leaves the warehouse, it triggers an order at the distribution center, and a replenishment shipment is made. The defective parts are sent back to the warehouse for processing and return to the manufacturer.


    Our technology and reporting services include easy-to-access daily, weekly, and quarterly metrics. This data helps you thoroughly understand what the requirements are from a service and an operating level.


    AGS Parts Logistics manages product and parts inventories, as well as the complete supply chain and fulfillment requirements.


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