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    Merge In-Transit

    Solution Overview

    Streamlined Solutions for Multiple Shipments

    Merge In-Transit from AGS is a distribution method in which multiple shipments from various suppliers and origins are consolidated into one final customer delivery. Shipments are received, temporarily stored, and consolidated in an AGS facility to be delivered as one complete order to the end customer on a single delivery manifest. 

    Merged shipments are grouped and easily referenced by a purchase order, sales order, or other meaningful field assigned by you to facilitate viewing of inventory stored, in transit, and delivered.


    Use our signature AGS Product Merge Service to meet your shipments’ exact requirements.


    Keep track of your shipments using on your laptop, PC, smartphone, iphone or tablet.

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    Coordinated Shipping and Logistics

    Merge In-Transit services offer a solution to manage and coordinate customer orders into a single delivery. Since the service is provided “in transit” within our network, transit times are shorter, and inventory carrying costs are reduced.


    Using our tracking software, multiple supplier shipments can be tracked throughout the entire process.

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