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    Distribution By-Pass

    Solution Overview

    Efficient Dropshipping Services

    AGS Distribution By-Pass, or dropshipping services, streamline the supply chain by allowing end customers to receive their orders directly from a vendor or outsource contract supplier, bypassing the company’s own distribution center. To make your supply chain more efficient, we can segregate orders by geography and deliver your goods directly to customers near the point of manufacture or port of entry. 

    Distribution By-Pass improves our customers’ bottom line. Our customers experience increased sales since their competitors are not as agile in using logistics to reduce fulfillment cycle time. Earlier delivery dates and times improve cash flow, and overhead costs are lowered when distribution center staffing and processing expenses are reduced.


    One or more transportation segments are eliminated, resulting in reduced transportation costs for the customer.


    Less handling reduces the possibility of damage and loss, and speeds up fulfillment times so products are delivered days sooner.


    Lowered inventory carrying costs, and money saved on rent, utilities, and insurance after Distribution Center facility downsizing.

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    Dropshipping Services

    The major advantages of Distribution By-Pass are the time and cost savings. Due to fewer touchpoints and less handling damage to shipments, companies can realize potential reductions in transportation, inventory-carrying, and material handling costs.


    By cutting centralized distribution out of your supply chain, our Distribution By-Pass services shorten the time-to-market and save significant transportation costs.


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