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    One of the Largest Retail Banks in the U.S.

    The bank is one of the largest retail banks in the US with over 7,000 retail branches


    Over the past seven years AGS has delivered new desktop PC’s in overpak containers to every branch in the country and returned the following day to pickup, repack, sort and transport to recycle vendors and redeployment centers as directed.

    The program is managed from the AGS logistics center in the Dallas, TX area, each shipment is routed in the AGS network to deliver on a day and time specific schedule to meet installers at the bank.

    Each shipment consists of 5 to 10 overpak cartons that weigh over 250 pounds. AGS places each overpak on pallets for protection and ease of handing and reuses the overpak containers for the retune shipments.

    Each bank pickup and delivery requires direct cell phone communications between AGS drivers and the AGS Dallas control center.

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