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    Making friends with a large global social media company through exceptional service and communication


    Beginning in 2012, AGS has provided extraordinary service and communications to one of the largest social media companies in the world. In 2018 alone, AGS moved over one thousand (1,000) shipments weighing a total of three million (3,000,000) lbs. for this customer.

    A large social media company requires data equipment in many locations and must keep the equipment state-of-the-art, which means replacing the servers and other data center equipment frequently. Someone must be trusted to pick up and deliver the new equipment to the various data centers, as well as pack, record serial numbers and ship the end-of-life data equipment, returning it for recycling. AGS has been doing this for the mega-sized social media company for over seven (7) years.


    Pick up new data center equipment from various vendors via LTL or Truckload (TL), and delivers them to data centers throughout the U.S. This is done on an almost daily basis.

    Pick up end-of-life data center equipment, record the serial numbers for inventory, pack it to detailed specifications and return it to various recycling centers in the U.S. These cabinets must be packaged and palletized safely and in the reverse order of new equipment, which takes 2 to 8 men and supplies such as pallets, wrapping, corner protection and straps.

    Pack and ship data center cabinets with blade servers, which can weigh upwards of three thousand (3,000) lbs each. Specific SOPs outlining how they need to be double-strapped to the truck, unloaded using lift-gates and safety straps, removed from the packing crates with ramps after unbolting them with specialized wrenches, record all information regarding condition, and wheel them into the new data center. These specialized servers often require day and time specific deliveries due to data center technician’s timetables.

    Communications is paramount to the various vendors and the giant social media company on a daily, sometimes hourly basis. The various vendors that provide the data center equipment use to enter their pick-up orders for dispatch. The end-user uses to track each order, many times down to the hour and minute, due to the technicians that must be available for installation.

    Some of the various services that AGS provides, other than those listed above, include:

    • Expedited Ground
    • Specialized Truckload (including climate control)
    • White-glove delivery, with 2-8 men for heavy data center cabinets with blade servers


    With such precise requirements for physical pick-up and delivery, packing, unpacking, recording and communications, the social media giant has to be able to rely on a company that knows these requirements, follows them to the letter, and that has a communications technology that can track the highly important shipments down to the hour of delivery. They found AGS in 2012, and have continued to use them through the social media company’s tremendous growth and expansion.


    With our nationwide coverage for storage and logistics sites in the U.S., AGS can provide temporary storage of shipments, whether over-sized data center equipment or computer parts. They pride themselves in their communications on every shipment, whether large or small, and take extra pride in providing the most reliable final-mile delivery in the industry. Founded in 1958, and just celebrating their 60th year, AGS provides complete supply chain solutions, specializing in forwarding, transportation, logistics, and warehousing, with white-glove final delivery a specialty. Keys to AGS’ customer-centric solutions are innovative and customizable technology tools that provide a seamless flow of information that gives customers global supply chain visibility.

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