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    Import Purchase Order Management

    AGS Import Purchase Order Management provides the critical tools to
    enable success in international commerce. Sourcing products from overseas
    vendors involves many operational processes performed by different parties,
    including shippers, consignees, forwarders, customs brokers, air and ocean
    carriers, etc. The interaction and interrelation of these functions make the entire
    supply chain complicated, especially when many parties are on the other side of the globe.

    AGS provides importers with integrated supply chain solutions that resolve these
    issues and provide a high level of control and visibility to the import supply chain.

    Using your standard operating procedures and purchase order details, and our
    state-of-the-art technology, we can monitor your shipments and communicate
    any deviations from the plan. Information is available to you online, so you can
    access details when you need them and more efficiently collaborate with your
    suppliers and service providers.

    Our Import Purchase Order Management program is an end-to-end
    solution with AGS managing the entire supply chain process and includes:

    • Streamlined product flow for faster and reliable delivery
    • A variety of air or ocean freight services to choose from
    • Reduced costs by having the option to consolidate shipments from your
      global supplier
    • Final mile white glove delivery of products, both to residential and business
    • Complete customs brokerage services that can pre-clear your shipment
      prior to arrival
    • Full visibility of PO status in real-time
    • A web portal for tracking shipments from door-to-door
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