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    Industrial Services

    Industry Overview

    Industrial Equipment Transportation

    AGS has the specialized resources and experience to provide industrial equipment manufacturers and distributors with unique and customized solutions to ensure secure, damage-free transportation, on-time arrival, inside delivery and placement. 

    We accomplish this by jointly developing a scope of work process with our customers that often includes protective panels, vehicle loading straps to secure the machine in each transportation segment, and liftgate vehicles for delivery to locations without a receiving dock. We also match experience and trained labor to the delivery requirements.


    We handle delivery of equipment of all weights and sizes to any zip code in the U.S.


    We can meet your industrial shipping requirements, and are standing by to answer questions 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


    All agents are experienced in handling oversized shipments with damage-free procedures.

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    Advanced Industrial Equipment Transportation

    The advances in the functionality of industrial equipment over the past decade was made possible by the integration of electronics into thousands of devices. With the advanced design comes serious transportation and delivery challenges. 


    AGS ability handle modern industrial machines regardless of shape, size, weight and sensitivity giving us a unique advantage. Our services include large-scale equipment delivery solutions,  beyond the scope of what most common LTL freight carriers can provide.

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