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    Government Services

    Industry Overview

    Streamlining Government Logistics

    AGS is a key government logistics company designed to meet the requirements of government shippers by air and ground. Our program service managers have years of experience in government transportation and logistics and understand your terminology, needs, and problems. They will work with you and for you to meet your deadlines.

    AGS’ Customer Trade Partnership against Terrorism certification helps expedite your shipments through customs, resulting in faster and more efficient services at the border. For high value/high tech products, AGS is an associate member of the Transportation Asset Protection Association ensuring a secure network for safe in-transit storage and warehousing. 


    AGS is certified by C-TPAT, ensuring the safe handling of your shipments.


    Our TAPA membership ensures we are aligned to an internationally recognized leader in the fight against cargo crime.

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    Advanced Government Logistics Solutions

    AGS is certified by Customs-Trade Partnership against Terrorism, ensuring the safe handling of your shipments. Our affiliation helps improve the security of supply chains with respect to terrorism.

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