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    Esports Shipping

    Industry Overview

    Esports Logistics Solutions

    With the rise of online multiplayer and video streaming, the esports industry has grown exponentially, reaching a much wider audience.This growth has resulted in millions of viewers and more potential esports stars, feeding the corporations hosting tournaments across the world. 

    The continual growth and expansion of esports worldwide provides an opportunity for the transportation of equipment to venues. Each event, every esports freight shipment, and every location has its unique demands and requirements to which the respective logistics must be precisely tailored.





    We handle delivery of equipment of all weights and sizes to any zip code in the U.S.


    We can meet your esports shipping requirements, and are standing by to answer questions 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


    With advance notification, AGS can provide specialized labor with experience in performing light installation on-site.

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    Advanced Esports Shipping Solutions

    AGS draws on years of expertise in event logistics, which you’ll benefit from, with our experience in managing the complexities of delivering to convention centers and arenas around the world. We’re able to accommodate your time-definite events wherever they are.

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