U.S. Import Distribution


The dramatic growth in offshoring in search of lower unit costs has also led to significant growth in logistics costs and a lengthening of the supply chain.

Part of those costs involves the path that many consumer products take to ultimately reach store shelves. It is still most common today for products from Asia to come into a West Coast port such as Long Beach CA, be shipped to a distribution center of the manufacturer, and then be shipped to a retail distribution center from which they are shipped again to the store.

In some cases, especially for mid-size consumer goods companies that operate a single distribution center, that might mean a trip from Long Beach to the central US, only to make a round trip back West to service the needs of retail distribution centers located there, adding a number of days and lots of logistics costs to the flow of goods.

AGS provides an end to end solution from the origin vendor in Asia to the retail store or the end consumer’s door anywhere in the US. Here are some of the highlights and benefits.


AGS manages the entire supply chain allowing the customer to focus on their core competency functions.
The AGS transportation network and logistics facilities in Asia and in the US become the customer’s virtual warehouse without any added cost.
The customer’s distribution center can be downsized and would operate with reduced staffing providing significant savings in operation costs and expenses.
The streamlining product flow provides faster fulfillment times with improved customer satisfaction.
Faster delivery of products would allow our customers to sell more products compared with their competitors that are using outdated logistics methods.
AGS provides a complete menu of final mile, time-definite and White Glove delivery to the store and the end customers at their homes.
AGS can deliver shipments that exceed the FedEx and UPS size and weight limits, and our customer service performance and service reliability and flexibility far exceeds the LTL carriers.

Our customers have complete visibility of the entire movement of a shipment as it moves through our network. Shipments can be tracked and managed from www.myags.com.


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