Introducing… AGS Ground Service Faster than LTL, at less cost, to every zip code in the U.S.


Three day average delivery time - coast to coast

Plus, you automatically receive these value-added benefits:

One freight-all-kinds zone to zone tariff
No additional charges for specific delivery times
No freight classification games to worry about or having to determine which NMFC classification your freight qualifies for
Get extended hours for pickup, until 9:00 p.m. at some locations


Complete web-based freight management program:

Enter shipments via the web, track progress and get PODs
Run numerous reports
Check all accounts payable online, including shipment details
Track inbound shipments from your suppliers
Get notified exactly when suppliers ship your orders


Service Guidelines:

1. Volume discounts available based on shipment weights, destinations, dimensions and if palletized.
2. Beyond points shown as Area D and higher in the AGS Service Guide are subject to an additional delivery charge of $25 minimum or $12 per cwt.
3. A dimensional weight factor is used if required, on light and bulky shipments. The dimensional weight is determined by dividing the dimensions (LxWxH) by 200.
4. All shipments accepted at a released value of $.50 per pound. Higher amounts can be declared at $.95 per $100 of value, up to AGS limits of $5,000.
5. Contact your AGS station for additional information or call



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