Export Assembly and Consolidation



With the US dominance in technology and innovation likely to continue for many years, US companies that export components and products from the medical, aircraft, energy, industrial and high technology industries require a logistics partner that has an extensive domestic network to control pickups at manufacturing and vendor locations all over the country. They also need a partner that has a highly skilled staff with expert knowledge of export licenses, routing and customs at foreign countries along with a global network of destination offices and agents all over the world that are linked together with state-of-the-art technology.


AGS is the partner of choice and our Export Assembly & Consolidation service is an ideal solution for companies that have complex export coordination, communication and transportation requirements.

Here are some highlights of the program:

The program appeals to US exporters that have multiple component orders originating at various vendor or manufacturing sites in the US.

The program also appeals to overseas companies that are buying from many vendors in the US.

An AGS logistics export team would meet with the customer, either US exporter or Overseas buyer, and with knowledge of their vendor names and requirements entered into the AGS system.

Overseas customers can place their purchase orders into the AGS system by EDI, myAGS, or email.
AGS would pick up the orders on the available ship date and transport to the nearest or best AGS gateway.

At the AGS gateway the orders would be assembled by consignee destination and consolidated for transportation in our air or ocean service.

US Exporters and Overseas buyers can access www.myags.com with a log in code to track their shipments by PO number, vendor name, destination and date.

The program is fully scalable and flexible to adjust to changes in volume and vendor names and locations.

Customers can reach the AGS National Call Center 800-645-8300 any time of the day or night, seven days a week for service, information or tracking.

AGS would assign dedicated Expeditors to specific customer programs.

The program can be customized to specific customer requirements and can be scaled to changing volume conditions.



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