Some Real Proof We'll do "Whatever it takes"


Here are a few success stories that show the depth of our resources, our expertise - and our commitment to our customers ... Remember, what we did for them, we can do for you. Just give us a call.


Fortune 100 Size Insurance Company
– AGS account since 1991


One of the largest retail banks in the U.S.
– AGS account since 2005



Largest home electronic retailer in the U.S.
– AGS account since 2004


Large telecom company
– AGS account since 2006



High-end furniture retailer
– AGS account since December 2005


One of the largest global manufacturers of enterprise servers, PCs, printer hardware and supplies and provider of integrated solutions
– AGS account since 1993



One of the largest printer manufacturers
– AGS account since 2009


Largest sportswear apparel manufacturer
– AGS account since 1995



Large manufacturer of mailing system
– AGS account since 1996


Large electronic retailer of auto parts
– AGS account since 2005





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