AOG Services


Next Flight Out

The fastest scheduled service to thousands of domestic and overseas locations with pickup available within 60 minutes 24/7.


Expedited Routing

All AOG shipments are routed to destination by the most direct service, based on the characteristics of the shipment.  Since we handle hazardous and large size/weight shipments, our expediters will book the appropriate space based on receiving this information from you.


Charter Service

Both domestic and overseas, AGS can charter the exact size aircraft needed to route your aircraft shipment to destination.


Courier Service

We have a team of onboard couriers to hand carry any urgent shipment to destination.


Customs Brokerage

AGS is a licensed US Customs Broker with correspondent brokers in many overseas countries.  You’ll get accurate and complete information on what is required for immediate clearance.


AOG Technology –


AGS is a leader in developing easy-to-use customer information systems. You can experience   all the AGS electronic services through our


You will be able to request pickups, track shipments every step of the way, generate tracking reports and obtain numerous reports on past activities, including accounting reports. 
We can also text message status reports around the clock.


We look forward to serving you on your next critical shipment.

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